Milka Collage Raspberry Chocolate Bar Candy Original German Chocolate 93g/3.28oz




Milka Collage Raspberry combines fruity raspberry pieces, caramelized hazelnut brittle and dark chocolate drops in a fine cocoa cream with delicate Milka Alpine Milk chocolate. Delicious perfection! The secret behind the the creamyness that melt in your mouth texture is the milk, which comes from Alpine cows (literally, from the Alps) That gives you the irresistible feelings and fulfillment of eating the whole bar. Milka collage raspberry – just mmmmmmh! Milka is the leading European chocolate and one of Kraft Foods’ billion-dollar brands that is worth buying online. The lilac-colored cows appearing on all of the chocolate further illustrate the importance of this ingredient. Created by Suchard in 1901, Milka quickly became the milk chocolate tablets specialist, now expanding to more delicious varieties and new products.


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